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Our Services

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Weekly Pool Cleaning and Chemical Balancing

Our Certified Pool Operators (CPO) and licensed technicians provide the following services every week:

  1. Keep your pool in balance by testing water and applying appropriate chemicals and products.

  2. Scrub both above and below the waterline as needed.

  3. Brush the pool walls as needed. If debris is visible on the bottom of the pool, vacuum the pool using either a manual or an automatic pool cleaner.

  4. Empty and clean the skimmer basket and the pump strainer basket.

  5. Observe the equipment to make sure it is operating up to the manufacturer’s specifications.

  6. Using a leaf rake to remove floating debris, empty the rake into a garbage bag as needed.

  7. Adjust timers.

  8. Check for leaks.

  9. Provide preventative maintenance suggestions to minimize future equipment downtime.

  10. Pool cleaning & chemical treatments provided weekly, year around.

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Equipment Repair &
Leak Detection

Scotch Pools offers comprehensive* repair and leak services including:

  • Repair or replacement of pumps, filters and heaters.

  • Replacement of light bulbs.

  • Replacement of gaskets, valves, baskets, and other minor items.

  • Complicated electrical repairs or installations.

*Our repair specialists are RAIL Certified to be able to offer motor and heater repairs or replacement, as well as other complex diagnostics and repairs.

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Filter Servicing

Filter manufacturers specify 2, 3, and 4 cleanings annually to meet performance specifications.  Failure to clean to manufacturers specifications can cause long term damage to your system and place your pool at high risk for turning green.  Scotch Pools offers filter cleaning & servicing which can be incorporated into the service agreement or scheduled seasonally.

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Green to Clean

Green to Clean is a deep cleaning of your pool that has been overrun by algae or other debris causing discoloration of your swimming pool water.

Our process of diagnosing and addressing the issues will have you back in your pool, enjoying the water in the fastest time possible. The comprehensive and detailed cleanings may include pressure washing, filter service, inspection of your swimming pool equipment, and a rebalance of the water. With this level of detail, and proper maintenance, your pool will be worry free and ready when you are for years to come. Contact us for a detailed analysis and course of action for your situation.

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